A Sump Pump Repair in Long Island that is Common

Having a sump pump doesn’t automatically mean you’ll have a dry basement. While it’s easy to have an “out of sight, out of mind” attitude when it comes to these systems. Homeowners can prevent a headache if potential problems needing a sump pump repair on Long Island (http://www.sumppumprepairlongisland.com) are detected or addressed sooner rather than later, preferably before heavy rains and snowfalls. These are some of the most common sump pump problems that typically require prompt attention from a professional.

Sump Pump Repair Long Island


Power Failure

The sump pump cost Long Island may have to absorb from flooding can quickly become a major burden. A pump that’s otherwise functioning just fine will not offer protection against any type of flooding if there is a power failure. One way to minimize a potential power failure issue that may contribute to flooding is to have a back-up pump. A second pump can be easily installed in a narrow or regular-size sump pit. It will automatically kick in during power outages.


Stuck/Broken Switches

Sump pump repair Long Island homeowners might request is sometimes because of the failure of one or more of the switches needed for a pump to operate. Tethered floats have a tendency to get stuck on the sides of walls in sump pits, so if switches do need replaced, consider a vertical float instead. For larger, deeper pits, tethered switches can actually be more effective and convenient. Mechanical pressure switches should be checked occasionally as well since these switches are also susceptible to failure now and then. An electronic float switch can be less-susceptible to damage since it doesn’t have any moving parts and it takes up less space.


Over-Burdened Pumps

Any sump pump cost Long Island homeowners consider when replacing or updating pumps should include the quality of the pump itself. At a minimum, a sump pump needs to be able to pump about 35 gallons of water per minute. If frequent repairs are needed, it could be because the pump that’s being used is over-burdened when water is building up. A home in Long Island where a sump pump is running more frequently, for instance, will likely benefit from a pump with more horsepower and the ability to pump more water per minute than the minimum requirement. A battery back-up pump can also reduce the risk of pump problems due to a system that’s over-burdened.


Frozen Sump Discharge Pipe

Severe winter weather, especially when colder temperatures are coupled with winter snowfall, can play a role in the frequency of sump pump repair Long Island homeowners need. If a pipe on a sump pump isn’t attached properly, water will collect. When temps get below freezing, that collected water will freeze and create a blockage, which can eventually result in water damage when snow melts or warmer weather arrives. A loose pipe can also be a problem other times of the year since extra water can get in around a pipe that’s not properly sealed. Similar issues may result from a pipe that’s cracked or compromised in some way. Sump discharge extensions can be installed to transport excess water to a small catch basin. This can minimize the risk of experiencing a flood if there’s a clogged pipe by giving water another place to go other than the basement.


Age-Related Wear

Any sump pump cost Long Island property owners may have to deal with because of repairs can be affected by the age of the pump itself. A sump pump that’s older is automatically more likely to experience issues in the future. As a general rule, pumps in Long Island should be replaced every 5-7 years. With a pump that has been performing reliably with little or no performance, it can be more cost-effective to replace only the motor with another similar model. When an older sump pump is making a lot of noise during operation and requiring a lot of repairs throughout the year, replacement makes more sense than repair.

The sump pump cost Long Island homeowners like you may have to deal with when an unexpected emergency occurs can become less of a burden with preventative maintenance. With regular inspections, any sump pump repair Long Island property owners may need can be taken care of before flooding is part of the equation.